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Respect for craftsmanship

Dialogue and a close connection is key

Vinikultur is an organic wine import that works with and supports small winemakers in Europe. We visit every one of them and keep a constant dialogue because we care about them and the wine they produce. This is how we know we have brought the highest possible quality to Copenhagen, which we proudly serve and distribute.

We dream of wine made by producers we respect: it’s our job to meet them, to see their vineyards, to visit their cellars and to drink their wines.

The wines we crave are made with love, intelligence and skills. Wines should respect the environment, show the place they come from and feed your soul.

We work with small producers and people who have a holistic approach to winemaking, from the vineyard to the wine we drink. We believe that small-scale production is necessary to show the personality behind each wine – that is what we search for in every glass.

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Finding the balance

We believe in honest winemakers who are true to their wines.

We work alongside fifty-five renowned organic or biodynamic certified producers from France, Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

These wines are made by farmers who work every day in their vineyards trying to find a balance between nature, terroir, tradition and with minimal intervention, resulting in wines that are honest and pure.

Wines resulting from this principle are a pure expression of the grape and its interpretation of the terroir, while in the cellar, grapes are transformed into wine without the addition of sulfur dioxide or yeast and are not filtrated. In other words nothing is added and nothing is removed plus we believe this wine are fun and easy to enjoy, so why not to share this wonder with Copenhagen?